04 November, 2016

3 Solutions For Low Hard Disk Space

No matter how big the hard drive is it always fills up and if you talk about ssd rather than mechanical hard drives, ssds fill up even faster because they don't have much space in them.

Below you'll find out ways to get more space on your hard disk by removing unneeded files.

Remove Disk Space Eating Apps.

Removing or Uninstalling software can free up disk space. In order to uninstall software, head over to programs and features(search for uninstall programs, it is a faster way) you'll see the list of apps installed on your computer with a tab showing the size, if you can't see the tab, click on options on the upper right corner and then click Detail view, sometimes you might not see the size of every app.

In Windows 10, head over to pc settings and click Apps and Features and you'll be shown windows store apps. and your installed apps., so you can even uninstall it from there.

Disk Cleanup

Windows has a built in feature called the 'Disk cleanup', it removes worthless and temporary stuff. To use it, right click on any of your hard drive inside the computer window and click properties.

You can also search for Disk cleanup to get to it.

Now, click Disk cleanup in the disk properties.

It will open up a window. Select the files that you want removed and click OK. The list has recycle bin files, temporary files etc.

If you wish to remove system files, click on clean system files button below.

To remove system restore files other than the latest one(You won't be able to get them back) click on more options' button(It will be visible after you ''clean system files''). Then under the System restore and Shadow copies, click on cleanup.

Clean Temporary Files

With disk cleanup tool you cannot delete temporary files of other programs. For instance, chrome and firefox caches take up gigabytes of your hard disk(which those browsers create just so the pages load faster but if you need more disk space deleting is an option.)

CCleaner is a program that removes junk files and temporary files of several third party programs and also those unneeded windows files which windows itself can't. You can download it from HERE.

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