11 October, 2016

Remove Duplicate files on Windows Easily

Duplicates are plain clutter on your SSD. Below, you'll know how to get rid of those dupliciate files.

Be aware that there won't be any toolbars or other crap while installing any of these softwares, we hate them just as much.

Duplicate Cleaner pro 4

The easiest, i mean: user friendly, among the other softwares mentioned here. It comes with a bucket full of features too. But, it has a price.

Download Duplicate Cleaner Pro Now

dupeGurudupeGuru Music Edition, and dupeGuru Pictures Edition

Another great app for finding duplicates is dupeGuru, there's also a dupeGuru Music Edition and dupeGuru Pictures Edition. The music edition finds similar music files even if they are encoded at different bitrates & the picture edition finds the same photos that are resized or rotated or undergone any editing. All thanks to its "fuzzy match" algorithm which helps it detect photos that are similar not just copies.

Just add folders and files you wish to scan in which you think there are duplicates and click Scan. This will show the duplicate files for you to delete.

DigitalVolcano’s Duplicate Cleaner Free

Another nice option is Digital Volcano's Duplicate Cleaner, it provides duplicate finding of files without installing any junk or anything. And also gives a nice interface. If you really like the free version you can opt for a paid version which comes with more features.


Visipics help you scan images that are similar but not ditto. e.g,. Resized, rotated, edited or altered image and mark them as duplicates.

dupeGuru and above mentioned softwares can also do this but VisiPics is built for photos. If you happen to have vast collection of photos, then VisiPics should be your choice. You will see duplicates more clearly because of it's visual interface it provides.

Visipics is free though you can donate if you wish. You won't see junkware in it either.


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