23 October, 2016

How to get rid of Adware and Toolbars through Adw Cleaner

Remove Adware and Toolbars

If you have accidentally installed some unwanted applications and/or toolbars in you computer then Adw cleaner is a program that will help you in removing those junk.

Note: Adw cleaner is made to diminish junk out of your system but it's still better to create a backup of your computer and also a system restore point. So just incase you delete something you didn't wish to, then you can restore it the way it was. 

1st Step: Download Adw Cleaner

Download Adw Cleaner from its official website, which is Toolslib.net. The reason for downloading from its official website is because if you google it, there'll be scams and fake versions of Adw cleaner. So make sure you download it from the official website.

The file would be in the Downloads folder.

Remove Adware and Toolbars

Since, Adw Cleaner is a portable application, you won't be needing to install it in order to use it and you can also put Adw Cleaner anywhere, like your Desktop or even your music folder.

Open the application.

Remove Adware and Toolbars

 Grant permission by clicking "Yes" and you are good to go.

2nd Step: Scan the system with Adw Cleaner

On the main screen of Adw Cleaner you'll see three buttons: Scan, Clean and Logfile.

To start looking for crap, click "Scan". The program will start its search for messy stuff.

Remove Adware and Toolbars

Once the scan is finished you'll see the results.

Remove Adware and Toolbars

Adw Cleaner will show you four different kinds of malware in a few seperate tabs. It'll have:
  • Adware. 
  • Useless software.
  • Toolbars.
  • Hijackers(Which change your default homepage)
Uncheck applications that might seem important to you. Adw is known to regard gentle softwares and chrome extensions as adware. So check what you are deleting before you remove it completely.

Once you are sure you've checked everything right, then move on.

3rd Step: Clean it up

Now you have two options:

First of course is to press the "Clean" button which will clean everything you've checked.

Remove Adware and Toolbars

Once it's done, you'll need to restart your computer. Save other work that you might be doing.

And the second option is to to click on the log file which will open up a file where you'll see the locations of all the scanned crap files(according to adw cleaner), and then you can manually go to the locations of those files and delete them yourself.

Remove Adware and Toolbars

After you've done that make sure you scan once again, to assure its confirmedly gone.


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