17 August, 2016

Take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade for Assistive Technology users

You can still get Windows 10 free upgrade

You might be thinking that you are too late to get the free Microsoft Windows 10, upgrade, but i'd say you should withhold your thinking. Because, you could still get a free upgrade. It will become unavailable someday, though Microsoft hasn't announced when exactly.

Microsoft wants for people who use assistive technologies to experience the improved accessibility features in Windows 10 Anniversary update. In Windows 10 Anniversary update, the 'Narrator(screen reader)' is upgraded to be better while new softwares like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Mail etcetera claim to have improved accessibility features along with it. All of these improvements, including those in: On-Screen Keyboard etcetera would assist users of assistive technologies to upgrade, which previously might haven't.

The free upgrade works in exactly the same way it did in the previous free upgrade of Microsoft Windows 10. When you upgrade your PC, it gives it a "digital license", previously, "digital entitlement", which means you can install Windows 10 on it, even after the free upgrade offer isn't around.

Although, to download the upgrade tool you'd be needing to check the box that tells that you use assistive technologies. Microsoft won't check if its true, before upgrading gets on-road and you install Windows.

How to upgrade for the Accessibility Page

To get the easy, free, upgrade, just go to >>This Page<< and download the tool it provides. Before upgrading, you need to have Windows 7 or 8.1 installed( if you have Windows 8, update it to 8.1{free} first, then make it Windows 10.).

Click on, "UPGRADE NOW" to download the Upgrade tool and run the file. You'll be asked to agree to the license agreement.

Go along as the wizard tells you and it'll check whether your hardware is compatible with Windows 10 upgrade, before upgrade takes place.

After the upgrade is finished, you'd be using Windows 10 and since upgrade gives you a "digital license", you can install and use Windows, without the need of buying it in the future.

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