21 August, 2016

Fix for Slow Internet Speed in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft recently launched it's Windows 10 Anniversary update, and while it packs notable useful features, some have also noticed a decrease in their internet speed. 

Windows Auto Tuning, which is basically a tool that is meant to improve performance of programs that receive TCP data, might be the culprit. As, disabling it helps aiding people's net speed. It is quite simply disabled with one of command prompt codes. Here's how to;

Disable Windows Auto Tuning

Type in the search box (shortcut key to search: Win key +  S): CMD, then right click on the search result, which is, command prompt then press, 'Run as administrator'.
Next, in the opened cmd window, Type,
netsh interface tcp show global 
Disable Windows Auto Tuning to increase net speed in Windows 10 anniversary update

In the list, look for: Receive Windows Auto-Tuning Level. If it's normal, then it's on. If it's disabled, it means it's already off. To, disable it, type in the following prompt command,
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled 
and press enter.

Increase Internet Speed in Windows.

Now recheck your internet to see your improved net speed, or not-improved net speed. If it's a success.. Congrats!! If not, then you can safely set it back to its 'on' state by typing.
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
Good luck!

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