30 July, 2016

Save Your Regular Searches inside Windows, for instant access

Saved searches in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

If you are one of those people who use the same search term more than once, then you should have a look at this great feature in Windows, which is, "Save search". Its specially quite helpful when you have done advanced searches, or by date range, or keywords or file type, so you don't have to do it all over again.

To save a search, all that you need to do is, do your required search, then click on the "Search" tab on top, and then click the "Save Search" inside options. If you are a Windows 7 user, you should be able to see "Save search" located below the address bar, click. However and wherever you search, every search can be saved.

Saved Searches

Your "saved searches", by default, are saved inside the "Searches" folder, which is usually a folder inside your user directory, although you can save them wherever you want. If you are using Windows 7, searches are saved in: "Favorites", folder.

If you want to pin your Saved searches folder, you can right click on it in your side bar and click, "Pin to Quick access". That will pin it to your side bar.

Just pin your saved searches by right clicking and then "Pin to Quick access"

Now, click on your "Saved Search" folder, in your sidebar. (That you just pinned), and then double click on one of your saved search and it will show you the results without having you to type it all again.

Pinned in your left sidebar. Your searches.

Another way is, to just drag your search's icon to whichever place you want to save it and Windows will create your search's shortcut inside that place. Don't worry, the shortcut works in the same way as your casually saved search. Just double click to execute the search.

Drag the search bar icon found on the left, to your desired search saving place

A cool thing in Windows 10 is that you can pin your saved search to your start menu's tiles' place. To do it, simply right click on your saved search and click, "Pin to start". A good feature in Windows 10 for easy access to search.

Pin to start will provide you quick access to your saved search, if done on it.

Now that you know it, skip repeating your searches and use the "save search" feature.

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