16 July, 2016

Nest Cam Outdoor, The Cam For Outside.

Nest Cam is one of the most popular indoor cams present, which, is also known as, "Dropcam". It dues it's popularity to the features it provides, and also to it's good looks. If you have a hand in why its so popular, then, outside is where you would love it,  and now it's also become possible, with, the Nest Cam Out-door. Since the 'indoor one' wouldn't last much outside due to natural atrocities it may encounter.

The Nest Cam Outdoor, comes, with a weather-proof feature and also includes all the features of the Indoor version. The weather proofing it provides, makes it an all-weather-performer: snow, rain and even dusty. Keeping your beautiful house ,also, guarded from the outside.

There are two ways you can set the Nest Cam Outdoor, up, either with screws or magnets, while also the base will fix with the camera with a mangnetic bond, only. The Nest Cam Outdoor runs 24/7, whilst, the cam uploads feeds constantly of what the happenings there are, in front of the cam, whether with something detected or without. Saving upto 30 days of cam recordings, any time. The Nest Cam Outdoor requires a continuous source of power to work 24/7.

Nest Cam Outdoor does 1080p video recording with 130-degree field of view. It's other features include eight IR LEDs for night's recording with, a, mic and speaker to talk to any one who stays within the camera's range and also a built-in WiFi for the video's uploads. The uploads are analyzed to find any movements either by humans or unhumans and if any strange activity or movement is found, an alert would arrive inside your given email.

Pre-order Nest Cam Outdoor, at $199.

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