31 July, 2016

How to Install Windows Without A DVD

Create bootable USB

At times when you don't have a Windows installation DVD with you, you can still install Windows through a bootable USB drive.

Time to learn and know how easy it is to make your USB capable of doing that.

The first step is...

Download an .iso of the Window that you want to install, you can get it officially, straight from microsoft, with media creation tool, i'll make a how-to on that further from this day. Or, if you have a Window installation DVD, then you can use 'imgburn' to create an iso of your Windows DVD content.

Note: You need to have atleast, a 3 gb USB and make sure to copy all of its data to wherever you want, cause it is going to be erased, in

The second step..

Once your .iso file is created on your computer, you will then have to download the, "Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool". Even though the tool's name shows that its specifically made for Windows 7, it is not, every Window(7, 8 and 10) works conveniently.

Now, after the 'Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool' is downloaded, you will then need to double click on it and grant it the permission to make changes to your computer, then, click, "Browse" and choose your .iso file that you previously created and click "Next".

Browse your .iso file

Then, you'll notice two options, USB Device and DVD, choose USB Device. (If you want though you could burn the iso image on your DVD-R/RW too, by pressing DVD.)

Select USB device if you want to install windows from USB device.

Then, make sure you have your USB inserted into your computer, then, from the drop down menu choose your USB, you'll need to refresh if you just inserted it. After selecting your USB, click, "Begin copying".

Select your USB and then click Begin copying.

If you have something on your USB, you'll get warned that your USB will be formatted, though if its new and already formatted, no warning will come up.

Usb drive format

The then process will complete in approximately 15-20 mins, it will format and copy installation files to your USB.

Copying installation files to USB.

When the process is finished you can safely close the tool.

USB Bootable install Windows now

You will now see the content of your Windows installation DVD in your USB.


Now, just enter your BIOS and allow in it, boot from USB option, or make your USB the first boot device and then install windows.

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