29 July, 2016

How to Get Back Hibernate Mode On Windows 10

Enable, Hibernate Mode in Windows 8 & Windows 10, Enjoy

In Windows 8 and Windows 10, Microsoft has removed the hibernate option from the power-off menu. Though, it can easily be brought back. Read on..

If you are unaware why people would want to 'know how to enable it', then you should read THIS, written previously on this site.

How To Enable Hibernation Mode ?

Open up the run dialog box by pressing, Win + R and type in, "powercfg.cpl", then press Enter.

Open, run and type powercfg.cpl to open "Power Options"

This will bring up the "Power Options" menu.

Now select, "Choose what the power button do", from the left on-screen panel.

Click, Choose what the power button do

Then, click, "Change settings that are currently unavailable", this will open the menu to enable the hibernate option.

Then, click, "Change settings that are currently unavailable"

Scroll down and you'll see an unchecked check box with hibernate, go on, check that box and click, "Save Changes".

Click, the check box with, "Hiberante, Show in Power menu", and click save settings

Now, close the "Power Options" menu and you'll be be welcomed with hibernate option in your Power-off menu, and you won't be needing to restart your pc in order to see the effects either.

Enjoy, Hibernating

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