14 July, 2016

How To Migrate From Evernote to OneNote

Evernote to Microsoft OneNote Migration. Evernote to OneNote.

Both Evernote and One Note are popular note taking applications. If you an Evernote user you'd have known that Evernote has increased it's pricing plan for paying users and if you don't like that, you may want to switch over to Microsoft One Note. Goodnews is that Microsoft has shown an official migration tool for Evernote to One Note migration.

Microsoft One Note works great at syncing your notes and is also free. How to use the official Microsoft importer, you'll find out below.

Before the tutorial begins, do make sure that either you have available, the Evernote desktop application or the ENEX file(That is exported from Evernote) which stores the Evernote data you wish to import into OneNote. You'll also need the desktop application of OneNote or one that is pre-installed on Windows 10 system, to access you Evernote exported data.


1. Download the Official Microsoft OneNote Importer.
2. Install the downloaded file.

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To import your data into OneNote you are given two methods:

Through Evernote desktop application:

The Microsoft OneNote Importer will search all the notes available on your local drive, so before that make sure all your Evernotes are fully in sync. On the given screen, "Evernote Notebooks" is checked alongside all your local drive's notebooks, you can either choose to 'uncheck' the notes you don't want to get imported or just 'uncheck' the "Evernote Notebooks", which will uncheck all the notebook's check boxes, so you can select your desired notebooks.

Import your notes on your local machine or with Evernote exported file(.enex). Evernote to OneNote.

Through Evernote Exported File( ENEX file)

If you'd rather will to import your data from ENEX file, click the "import file instead", the purpled text written below, then on the next window, click, "Choose file", on the showing window, point it to your .enex file(Image preview and instructions below)

A quick note: If you changed your mind or was just checking the 'import file instead' option, whatever, you can choose to click "Import notebooks instead" to get to the prior screen.

Then, choose the file you exported from Evernote(.ENEX).

On this window, click, "Next". 

You must, must sign in with your Microsoft account in order for this tool to import. After the import, the data will store in your Microsoft OneDrive account online, in your local machine, no. Easing the use of imported data on multiple devices, like Apple, Android, Windows or Web.

So, in the next window, Choose which type of Microsoft account you have.

Choose Which Type Of Microsoft Account You Have. Evernote to OneNote.

Then, fill your sign-in details(E-mail and Password).

Enter your sign-in details. Evernote to OneNote.

Your Evernote notebooks stay, named, notebooks in OneNote, although, notes, gets named, pages. You also get an option to import your Evernote notes' tags, which is, "Use Evernote tags to organize content in OneNote", which does exactly that, with manual functionality, within notebooks.

Note: Tags, of Evernote, are imported as, sections in OneNote. Get to know more regarding it, as you read.

Click on "import", to start the 'import' process.

Click "import" to start the import process. Evernote to OneNote.

Notebooks and it's notes are migrating.

Notebooks and Notes getting migrated. Evernote to OneNote.

After import is done, click "view notes in OneNote" to open OneNote and view your notes.

Your notes have been imported. Evernote to OneNote.

Don't worry about the dialog box- As the notes are stored in your OneDrive account online, a security box will show that the location may just be unsafe. Just click, "Yes", as its trusted.

Microsoft OneNote Security dialog box. Evernote to OneNote.

A welcome page is automatically set as the first page of your imported "notes", as you open OneNote. The "Pages" tab holds the all your imported notes. Click it to access all the notes.

Welcome Page is automatically set in OneNote after you import from Evernote. Evernote to OneNote.

A speedy net or a fast system, may, comparatively, show, notes in less of a time, while, the quantity of notes will also play some role in it.

Loading time differs with how many notebooks there are. Evernote to OneNote.

See "notes" on the right panel in your desktop application and on the left, of your OneNote provided with With Windows 10.

Notes are visible on the right panel in desktop application and left panel on the default Windows 10. Evernote to OneNote.

The "tag" that you had, is now a "section" inside your notebook that you can see as a tab at the top of your note. As shown below, the tag can also be seen with a hashtag at the top of the text note.

When migrating to OneNote, Tags become sections. Evernote to OneNote.

Too see the rest of your imported notebooks, click on the notebook drop-down list(upper left corner of OneNote). Then, click "Open Other Notebooks".

List the imported notebooks, Evernote to OneNote.

On the Open Notebook Screen, select your desired notebook under the My notebooks list to open it.

Open Notebooks in OneNote, Evernote to OneNote.

Inside your selected notebook, the first note will open up. Here you can point out that the note has multiple tags but the "section" is named with only one("the article ideas"). This is something of a limitation inside Microsoft OneNote.

If you wish to get more information regarding 'tags' in OneNote, see Microsoft's support articles about applying a tag to note and searching for tagged notes.

Tags to section. Evernote to OneNote.

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