10 July, 2016

Gripper : Sony Qlasp Earphones stay firm in your ear

Earbuds tend to fall off some in mild conditions and some in rigid sequences. This new Earphone, which is, Sony Qlasp, promises to stay inside your ear in no-matter-what situations.

The Sony Qlasp integrates a clip which grapples your ear lobe and potentially ends the worries of falling earbuds, even in no-matter-what situations. Rolling down the hill ? it won't fall off.

The Sony Qlasp is quite a light weight accessory and even though integrates a clip in it, its remains a comfort to ear. Features include 9mm drivers( with frequency response of 6 - 23,000Hz), 3.9 foot wire, soft buds, closed cup also three bud sizes and L-shaped mini plug which is gold plated.

The Sony Qlasp Earphones comes with $29 price tag, obviously it can't prove high quality performance, but a clip that invisibilize falling headphones problem. Several themed(Black, Brown, green, Pink and multicolor) Sony Qlasp trashes the traditional complete black color.


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