15 June, 2016

Why Is My Taskbar Refusing to Auto-hide ?

Sometimes it happens and there are several solutions available for it all over the internet. Below you'll find such solutions that are sure to (maybe) rid you off of this mess. Can't provide with the screenshots, will update soon.

Whats the problem ?

It remains hidden for as long as your application that is open in your taskbar starts to flash(showing some activity)(one scenario). All that needs to be done to hide it again is to click on that application and that will stop flashing.

Another scenario is when a notification messege pops-up which can cause the taskbar to show and hide again upon closing that message which is easy.

Sometimes the application is not quite rightly built. In such case the application's notification message shows at back-end but stays invisible in front to be dealt with or to be closed.

To fix it you'd have to manually check the application causing problem and restart it or by clicking it over to open what the notification was.

Check Your Settings

To know whether we are together. Check if your taskbar is set to Auto-hide upon inactivity. Just incase. Right-Click on your taskbar, then you'll have to click properties and on the prompting window, check if "Auto-hide the taskbar" is correctly checked. If it is, you may want to uncheck the box, then apply and again check it and then again apply. It does work for a few. If it does, lets celeberate.

Un-Hide Items and Right-Click On Them

It has happened to solve the issue sometimes and you may need to manually find which application might be the reason.

It happens because sometimes the application's un-dealt notification resists the taskbar to hide again.

Deal With Notification's Settings

After figuring or just guessing that an application is causing the havoc. Head your mouse over to the tiny upward-arrow icon on the left side of your system tray icons, click it then click on customize. On Windows 10 go to Settings> System> Notifications and Actions, to see the customization option.

Inside you have to see which icon is hidden and set it's option from default: "Hide icons and notifications" to "Show notifications". Making it clear that even though the icon will stay out of view their notifications will pop-up.

For Windows 10:

Head towards System> Notification and Actions and click: "Select which icons appear on the taskbar".

For a While Solution: Restarting Windows Explorer

This problem can also be resolved sometimes by simply restarting the explorer.exe, seems like reboot, a faster one: Open up task manager by "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" and "end process"to the explorer.exe.

After ending the process, head to task manager. If its not yet open, simply use Ctrl+Shift+Esc then: File> New Task to open the run box. In the run box that appears, type: explorer and everything will be back again.

Lets hope to you to get rid of this problem. Until then.

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