30 June, 2016

Use GoPro Camera Without Using Your Hands with GoHawk

Handsfree GoPro camera

Uptil now there weren't much solutions for GoPro users to start or stop recording without the usual press of a button on the camera, while there are alternatives too, like, wearing a remote on the wrist or an application that does exactly that, such solutions could be inconvinient when your situation doesn't allow a spare hand to take advantage of them. The GoHawk has covered that through provision of a handsfree solution.

Handsfree GoPro camera

 Which requires you to attach an expansion module on the backside of the GoPro camera, onto which you can plug wired accessories that will help in starting and stopping the recording. Conceptus would be among the popular wired switches provider as the GoHawk has designed for it. But any wired switch having 2.5mm plug would be perfectly fine.

Handsfree GoPro camera: Bite switch to activate recording on biting and licking too

The GoHawk particularly supports Conceptus' wired switches like it's Bite Switch(Biting it will start or stop recording) and Tounge Switch(Licking it will do it), for cyclists there is also being currently manufactured a remote shutter to activate recording and stopping video shot, that will attach on the bike's handle. The GoHawk features two more slots, other than the camera switches' slot. One of it allows an LED light that you can put on your bendable arm to verify recording, second one is a micro-usb slot for extra battery purpose, just incase you need backup power. It currently only works with GoPro Hero4 series of cameras.

Pledges to reserve a unit, having LED and bite switch, starts at 170$.

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