24 May, 2016

Transform Your Phone To Do The Work Of A Microscope

It is seriously thin and affordable to buy.

Welcome aboard Blips on the cruise of add-on lenses, that make your phone a microscope, in an affordable and cheap classed deck. Having super-high level of magnification, crystal clear optics AND being ultra-thin its great.

one really-powerful magnifying
Easy to install, just like a tape would, Blips add-on lens sticks on you phone's camera through it's electrostatic charge mechanism, thus transforming the phone's camera into one really-powerful magnifying aperture. and just a like a tape would, it can be worn on and off: a really helpful feature for people with the likes of being a scientist(amateur scientist), students and/or micro-photography philers.

Out of the box you will witness two Blips lenses, a 0.5mm macro lens that'd be useful for the magnification of extremely small things like alien bacteria and a 1.2mm micro lens for some serious magnification. Providing it's tape like structure, its not a hassle being kept on the phone while travelling, even inside your house. Your phone's camera settings needs some adjustment for maximum magnification with lens, while the macro lens provides 15x magnification, the micro one gives around 30x of the magnifying thing.

Obviously you'll have to keep both the lens and the phone's camera in a 'sparkling state' because, if not then eventually you won't be getting the best of it as it's clearance and adherence will, by time, slowly diminish.


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