21 April, 2016

Try Augmented Reality Tattoos: Ink Hunter

Tattooing maybe what is next in your plan though you may just want to have a peek as to how the tattoo will protrude on your body so you are sure that you have picked the right choice or just want an ink without pain(you get it ?). Ink Hunter is an Augmented Reality app. that allows you to capture the image of your inked body part or parts which are obviously not inked obviously.

The apps purpose isn't to scare off your parents into believing you've got an ink on your body part. It's purpose is concisely to give you some peek prior the pain you may have afterwards in the shop.

First you need to choose a design from inside the app or take a photo of the tattoo flash thats there somewhere, after doing that, the application would ask to draw some markers on the part where you'd like your tattoo to appear inside of your phone. After that's done, you just need to put the camera over your drawn marker and there on screen it will be laying your choice. Its also 3d rendered: the tattoo will conform to the shape of your chosen body part.. so real!!

Currently available on iOS, will be on Android and Windows too.


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