27 April, 2016

A Standing Desk and a Gaming PC chassis: Lian Li DK-04 Standing Desk

Gamers are prone to obesity and while a casual standing desk could help fight off there obesity, Lian Li DK-04 Standing desk is specially built for such gamers, not only them but for normal people too. This desk is a two in one: being a height adjustable table its also a fully functioning gaming PC chassis.

Seemingly similar to outfit's DK series which got out a little while ago, you also get an option to adjust electronically its height that caters either a sitting or either a standing position.

Just as the preceding fixed heightened desk had space to cater pc peripherals at the inside of it, the same goes in DK-04 standing desk, allowing a pC that you would require to play resource hungry games at the highest settings possible. Specs. possibilities are: A motherboard upto HTPX size, 10 harddrives space, wide graphic cards and cooling kit and the biggest power supply you've ever witnessed. There are four fans: rear and four fans at the front side, tons of IO slots.

On the right you have the controls to increase or decrease table's height, well, in between 26.5 inches and 45.7 inches which it also memorizes so you don't have to adjust every time you think of changing its height. The body is constructed with Aluminum, legs are constructed with iron and table top has translucent glass
over it so you can see you system.

 At $1,499.


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