05 February, 2016

Starry Station Modernized everyday router

Starry Station is a router which is upgraded with an improved style and gives better WiFi signal. And also promises a touch screen to alter settings without a browser to open up a web page on neither an application.

In a triangle form factor, this modern router doesn't have blinking bulbs you normally witness on a normal internet router giving it a more publicly viewable character giving the advantage to be kept
at whichever postion, position that provides best signals.

The size of the touch screen is 3.8 inch which previews settings that can be changed, settings which can be changed through an application too. And also as you get close to it, it senses and shows attractive information, for example, how many users are actively using the internet, user's internet usage, which users are having connection problems, so forth.. also it constantly previews internet speed with network's too. This attractive information can also be viewed through it's default app which enables you to be aware wherever and whenever.

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