21 February, 2016

Rad Dog Pocket Bowl, fold and keep the bowl inside your pocket.

While you plan to go out in to the wild you probably don't neglect your four legged pet's hunger, for which you don't forget to pack up a bowl or three. They aren't heavy to carry or big enough to not fit in your bag pack though Rad Dog Pocket Bowl can be your next trips partner. Being called a bowl, its also shaped like one but its more of a pouch than of a bowl. It also poses like a bowl so that your lovely pet can remove its thirst and hunger when you give it food or water inside which can later fold up. Then you can travel while it being in your pocket and utilize it for your pet in wild or home or any place. Did i mention thirst ? Yes. It can be used to remove your lovely dog's thirst too. Water proof nylon built.

At a price of $11.95, you can buy it now.

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