18 February, 2016

Mattel Thingmaker introduced to kids

A conversation between father and son:
Son: Dad, is it possible to create 3d objects in your bedroom ?
Dad: Yes it is son, with Mattel Thingmaker!

Mattel has introduced a 3d printer(that the whole conversation was about) that has its origins in the basements and dark places which were unreachable and professionally handled only. The Mattel Thingmaker though can be handled by kids with which they could create 3d designs and print without hassle, all with its own app that is obviously kid friendly which means it needs not be done by autodesk professionals to build stuff which means its kid friendly, yeah i already said that, didn't I ? Mattel Thingmaker keeps kids safe, thanks to its door that stays locked while 3d printing gets done and after which the print head which is printing moves back and shuts it self: good thing for curious kids who may just harm themselves with hot plastic used inside. Modifiable templates are already included with the Thingmaker Android and iOS Designer app, app with which models can be built from the basics too. Also this app works totally well with Mattel Thingmaker's elder printers too.

Get it now, price: $299.99.


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