15 February, 2016

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum: Gaming Keyboard Loved By Gamers

A Gaming Keyboard is built best when it is built upon opinions of intense gamers which is exactly the strategy Logitech has used in its formation of Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum by asking professional gamers about what they would want.

The company has used to build this gaming keyboard, its most advanced technologies. Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is accurately engineered to give best performance which promises enhanced gameplay to you. Having lightning effects, settings to customize the gaming keyboard, proprietary mechanical switches, this gaming keyboard have top notch hardware and professional gaming design,

This gaming keyboard uses Romer-G mechanical switches which are different from Cherry MX switches normally integrated in gaming keyboards and ergonomic keyboards and has 25 percent shorter actuation points which give responsiveness that's at great and is durable in comparison. A 26-key rollover with which you gain higher detection rate at times where more than one key press goes. It includes with it a roller to adjust the volume while below it you can find multimedia options.

Usual in professional gaming keyboards are color keys. This mechanical keyboard comes with 16.8 million colors and has a vast choice to pick the color from while assigning your picked color to the keyboard keys individually with what you want to perform a specific function within your liked game.  Lighting profiles of more than 299 games comes with it too. Comes with a software to change the keycap's color while also allowing you to disable a key that you won't like being active while playing your preferred game. 3 angles to set your keys while playing your game which are (0, 4 and 8) with a rubber feet to keep it firm,

Pricing is set at approx $159 and available.

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