19 February, 2016

Cheap 3d scanner the CowTech Ciclop 3d scanner

If 3d modelling is not your thing then it can be really tough when you want to do 3d printing. Thats where CowTech Ciclop 3d scanner enters to remove your miseries with which you can easily scan any object you want to rebuild so it removes the hassles let alone build it from scratch. Whats plus ? Its cheap, really!

Built after its predecessor, the RepRap BQ Ciclop, this 3d scanner is upgraded with better and improved design and pieces. As add-ons, you can also 3d print out parts if needed, maintainable!

This scanner uses laser to trace out the placed object's outline after which the scanner's camera digitizes. A rotatable turntable is placed in straight sighting of the laser/camera which rotates the object allowing the camera to capture an image from more than one angle, which later are stitched at a precision of 0.5mm via application. Bending over the object's size the time it takes is near 2 to 7 minutes to completely scan out the object and the maximum size that the object can be is 200 x 205mm (w x h).

Pricing vary upon complete with kit which is $149 and without kit which you can print out later after buying which is $99.


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