17 February, 2016

Asus Horus GK2000 Gaming keyboard has onboard storage

Gaming or mechanical keyboards don't always have a design that shows its a gaming keyboard, although there is now added onto one of those who do, Asus Horus GK2000.

Similar design mindset have been, of the formers of Asus Horus GK2000, that they may have had whilst they had during the design process of Asus' Republic of Gamers' keyboard. Though one thing there is and that is a wider and heightier coverage of your desk space but some added features covers it as they are the reason for that too..

This gaming or mechanical Asus Horus GK2000 keyboard possesses MX red switches which are know for their low actuation points and high heightened responsive behavior during intensive button pressing timeline. Keys are backlighting(red color) and they can be turned off or on depending upon lightening condition in which, which key you prefer viewed better in the lightening condition, (including 5 presets). It comes with 32 bit MCU and 4 MB onboard storage to save your key mappings straight directly to the gaming or mechanical keyboard that's also very much customizable.

Packing anti-ghosting tech, a detachable stand for your cell, N-key rollover is supported, an audio jack supporter while there are also 2 USB ports to support your USB devices. It is a premium keyboard because its given a special top coat finish with 3mm aluminum body.

Unknown pricing and has been set to debut on the third quarter.

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