17 January, 2016

Tipron Robot Keeps Up With You While Carrying A Projector.

Fact: You want a robot butler with you but unfortunately what you've been seeing in the movies is still in the movies cause technology hasn't been able to reach where you'll have a robot butler with you who listens to your every command or maybe some few which was promised to us by science fictions. While that becomes  a reality, we still need ways to have robots with us to ease our tasks. People behind Tipron have introduced a projector robot.

Tipron projector robot does the work of a projector and gives out sound through its speakers which are built in it. You can have big screen entertainment everywhere you want, you wouldn't be needing to set up an Av gear too. You need to be on the same floor as the Tipron projector robot. Call the robot where you want to entertainize the wall, face it towards it, then leave it be.

Fitted on the head is the device which projects pictures on any surface. Two jointed neck to adjust the angle and height of the projector. It also has a keystone correction to confirm the image always stays leveled. Tipron Projector robot shows 720p video at a max 80 inches which is not bad having 250 lumens to promise enough image clarity. It includes a speaker, 2hr working battery that works on a single recharge and a sensor to help it avoid hurdles.

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