18 January, 2016

Point to control, Sevenhugs Smart Remote, a universal remote

Installing Applications on your phone to operate several different objects around your house is an act thats been around. But Installing one for every one is less convenient, since there are too many objects around. Considering that, Sevenhugs has presented a smart remote.

It has a touchscreen display whats better, is that its a point to control device so it doesn't require you to open a new app in it, neither manual interface switching. So in order to control for example a smart lock all you need is to point the universal remote towards it or maybe towards a surveillance camera or maybe a thermostat.
A sentient robot(means that it is aware of its surroundings) ? maybe not but has the potential to learn ? yes. It memorizes the house with the positions of your connected devices. It uses its ability to triangulate its position and enables itself enough to know which object you are pointing it towards from the map it created within it. So it actually becomes usable with your connected devices after a little bit of training which requires a little bit of time.

The Sevenhugs smart remote presently works with Philips Hue Bulb, Nest thermostats and Sono speakers.


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