13 January, 2016

A wooden keyboard. Presenting the Oree Board 2.

It does not matter how much of a usefulness an electronic device has, if its pretty beautiful, people are going to be attracted towards it to buy it. Same goes with an important peripheral of a computer, the keyboard. Which, in the form of Oree Board 2 looks pretty from every visual prespective.

The wooden keys give a refreshing look to casual backlit colorful keys that comes with high quality keyboards. It can't be fully affirmed that you'd get the same typing quality that'd comes with gaming keyboards but atleast it will be a view you'll admire while working throughout your day.

The Oree Board 2 is a beauty crafted by hands and using one piece of wood, giving you a choice between walnut or maple. On the underside its the normal electronic though on the outer side the keys are quite something that are other than what you'll see normally, having being coated with food varnish that protects the keys from being stained and are also perfectly polished to be felt completely smooth when used. It can be used with iOS, OSx or Windows powered electronics with the help of a bluetooth and can use two AA batteries to power itself up which makes it last for 5 months if it be used normally.

You can buy it now at a price of $190.

Buy Now.

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