01 January, 2016

No wall can stop Disney Vertigo, as it drives up walls

You may have seen robots who continue to drive even after hitting a wall in cartoons and stuff while in real life, robots who stop their movement after hitting a wall or robots who alter their directions. Disney has created a new four wheeled robot, Vertigo who has no bounds and continues its movement vertically after confronting a wall. It promptly has many applications as it succeeds in giving room to potency both inside or outside where you want to drive it.

The Disney Vertigo uses two propellers which are located on its top which help in producing thrust which helps it to move both horizontally and vertically. These propellers move the vehicle vertically and can be steered freely. The rear propeller provides thrust to push the vehicle towards the wall while the front one gives the vehicle an upward direction. Once vertical, both propellers modify their alignment  to help keep the vehicle traverse vertically. This unique vehicle's horizontal traversing alacrity doesn't deprive while driving vertically despite of a bumpy surface.

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