11 January, 2016

Netatmo Presence: A Security Cam Who Knows Whos at the Door

A typical smart security camera has the ability to give you the visuals of what is in front of the camera and send you alerts of any motion, if it detects any. The Netatmo Presence goes an extra mile. Thanks to it's sensors, it knows whether, whats outside, is a human, an animal or maybe some vehicle.

Obviously, if a cat passes by you can set to not be notified about it or about whomever you don't want to be notified about on your phone or whomever you want to. It cuts a great part on the amount of notifications your get on your phone. Including that you could also set a certain area of your camera's coverage you want to get notified about, if there's any motion there and cut the area where even if there is a someone but his presence doesn't affect you.

A light for night time comes implemented in it, so you know whos outside the door. It also has an IR camera if you prefer not to let anyone know if there's a camera. Another thing the Presence comes
integerated with is an SD card slot which allows you to record 1080p footage without relying on the servers. Installation is easy. Its also weatherproof and can cover 65-ft from it's default position. It also has a secure end-to-end encryption.

Set to be released on the third quarter. Pricing is unavailable.


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