20 January, 2016

In-Ear Headphone Activity Tracking with Misfit Specter

Activity tracking wristbands are doing a good job – as they stay on your wrist without being an obstruction and its no trouble to wear it for as long as you need to. Misfit, though, have introduced a different way for you to track your activities in the form of headphones.
The Misfit Specter are built to stay fix inside your ear while you run, jump or do any sort of exercise, without you putting it back every-time it falls. 

The Misfit Specter has Bluetooth, that'll allow you to listen to music and that also with deep bass and clear treble, giving thanks to its dual drivers that are in it. To prevent from in-ear damage the gadget comes with safeguard that adjust the sound for you without you doing it manually. It also packs inside it, noise isolation ability that blocks ambient sound. Possessing Misfit's existing fitness tracking tech, this gadget can measure steps, calories and distance and sleep metrics too. It also has inline buttons to switch between your music and handle the camera's shutter with buttons that can be custom set to do any function inside your smart phone. You could also take advantage of its inline mic

No release date, expected to have on further this year.

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