08 January, 2016

Faster Performer: The New Intel Compute Stick

An upgrade to a less powered PC on stick created by intel has been released by intel and this time it packs more power for power hungry users.

The intel Core M Skylake processor proves to have casual gaming, complete web browsing power and lagless high definition video streaming power which is integerated in this small computer. It can power nearly any TV having an hdmi port.

The new Intel Compute Stick has the following specifications: 4GB RAM,Intel Iris Graphics, better dual band 802.11ac Wifi that lets you surf faster and in a more fluid manner, a microSD card slot to ensure space and Bluetooth that allows to connect peripherals like a keyboard and a mouse. The power adapter includes two additional USB ports for recharging purposes. To keep it from getting cooked in long sessions its created with a tiny fan inside. It is measuring at 4.5 x 1.5 . 0.5 inches.

Giving its specifications the pricing is higher compared to its predecessor. It will be priced at $399.


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