24 December, 2015

NeoNode Air Bar can transform a 15 inch laptop into a touchscreen computer

There are many laptops who offer touch screen interface nowadays, but if you are not yet ready to buy one that gives you the ability to use it as a touch screen device, NewNode has something up its sleeve.

NeoNode's Air Bar is a device that makes your ordinary laptop transform into a touchscreen device. It takes advantage of the touch screen support that upgraded Os provide. It also just needs to plugged in to your laptop to be used.

Coming in a Bar shaped form the NeoNode AirBar attaches itself magnetically to the bezel below your laptop's screen. As soon as it is connected to a USB port, an invisible light takes up the screen area of your laptop without hasseling the viewer experience and utilizes the light to see your gestures and movements which then gets translated for the computer to process. Because it's light that powers its touchscreen interface, you can use any form of semi pointed material to utilize the touch screen powers your laptop get. 

Currently available for 15.6 inch laptops only, the NeoNode Air Bar will extend its availability further, as the first product gets released.

Release: First half of 2016.

Price: $49.


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