18 November, 2015

Want Personalized Features In Your Smart Watch gear ? Just Change The links in Block's Modular gear

Modular ? Mobile gadget's future ? Can't say though Its not a bad thought either Bewaring the thing that it could help, in fighting to stop your gadget from becoming a thing of the past too soon. Making us use our liked devices for a longer period. Google is giving its best efforts in order to bring modularity in phones, Blocks, a company based in London is trying something similar in fact doing ditto with smart watches.
Just alike different devices which come in this category, their main hardware is pre built in their cases, having a memory, battery, a chip which has a system on it and pretty much everything that allows a smart watch to function. But in order to add new hardware in this watch instead of adding blocks you'd be adding links to the band(something similar to the Leather man Tread, but without tools instead with gadgets), making you add new functionalitys to your base smart watch.
Without modules, don't think block is useless, as it has the capability to receive phone notifications,  and activity tracking, wireless radios(blutooth & wifi) and battery that lasts upto 1.5 days of usage. If you want to extend its base features, you just need to add the respected modules (which you'll have as bracelet links) which will add the features that you'd like. As you get your first block's smartwatch you'll have 5 types of modules which would be: a battery module(extends 20 % of your battery life), a heart rate module, one GPS module, one NFC module and one adventure module(giving you the readings of temperature, pressure and altitude).
The London based company, Blocks, which is an open platform has 1,500 developers who have officially signed up to make modules as applications for this gadget, which means it can reach quite high if everything worked fine. Many modules are planned to come alive in future. Such as, one for SIM card, other for a torch light and a tiny camera etcetra. The smartwatch has an operating system that is proprietary and has both Android and iOS compatibility. 
Funding Blocks is presently active through a kick starter campaign. You can reserve a watch with 4 modules through pledging which starts at $275.


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