16 November, 2015

Record Your Acoustic Guitaring On A Tablet with iRig Acoustic

Acoustic guitar: Record it with iRig.There are many accessories that allow you to record the music that you play on your instrument on an Android tablet or an iPad. But if your instrument is a ukulele or an acoustic guitar there is now an accessory for that, called the iRig Acoustic. The iRig Acoustic gives you the opportunity to record your acoustic playing with the quality that is the same as that which is given by a studio mic.
The iRig Acoustic when combined with AmpliTube Acoustic app simulates the playing of the acoustic guitar or a ukulele at an optimum point and that too in front of a condenser mic, allowing unrivaled production of sound on a  portable device. The creator of iRig acoustic, IK Multimedia states that it allows to precisely capture the tonal character, full frequency range and complex harmonics of the acoustic guitar, giving whats undoubtedly the best way to record a playing acoustic anywhere other than an actual guitar recording studio.
Acoustic guitar: Record it with iRig.
This gadget, the iRig Acoustic, is a fairly tiny device that fits easily at the bottom of the sound hole of the guitar, providing it a MEMS-type multi directional mic in an enclosed area. The mic gets fit nearest to the hole which gives it the opportunity to capture the sound with an absolute perfection and allows the app to record the tiniest vibration and every sonic's interaction for the instrument's sound's complete portrayal. Setting it up is not a big deal either, It is as easy as clipping a device on the guitar and plugging the jack in the tablet. But in order to get the best sound possible you will require some calibration which can be done as you open the app on your tablet. This gadget can work with any instrument that has strings and has a sound hole that is circular, which means it can be used to record which ever guitar or ukulele you like.
Acoustic guitar: Record it with iRig.You can get the iOS and Android app in their stores.
Price: $49.99


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