20 November, 2015

Kangaroo: A Desktop PC In The Form Of A Smartphone


Having the width and height same as a smartphone's, the Kangaroo PC can be easily mistaken as a power bank as you slide it out from your pocket. Because, there aren't many gadgets who physically have that look and come with no screen. The Kangaroo PC in actuality is a full fledged Windows 10 system which works as a standard computer as soon as you plug it into whichever display you want.
The Kangaroo PC maker, inFocus, have made it a portable personal computer and has made it come with an accompanying dock, which can be easily plugged into whichever TV or monitor which gives the experience of a standard desktop computer. Usually portable computers don't carry much power
same is the case with this gadget but it does have a few or more tricks up its sleeve which allows it to be preferred over other pocket PCs that are available currently. 
This gadget comes with 2 parts: A dock and an actual computer. The Kangaroo PC gadget comes boarded with 2Gb RAM, 32 GB storage(which can easily be extended by a microSD card) and an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor. It also comes boarded with necessary ports like one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI out and lastly a port for charging. This gadget was made so that you can leave it connected to which ever display you choose whether it is a monitor or TV and use the computer whenever it is required to, which only requires you to carry a device, the size of a smartphone.
It also carry with it an inbuilt fingerprint reader allowing you to take full use of Windows Hello and gives four hours of battery timing, though if it is connected to an outlet, it gets recharged automatically. As previously mentioned this gadget has some tricks, one of that trick is that the dock allows to be connected to an iPad through a USB to Lightning cable, making the iPad work as a monitor using the app named OSLinx.

Price: $99.


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