14 November, 2015

Easily Mountable Triby Kitchen speakers comes with Magnet on its back side

Do you want to make dinner exciting ? Now you can finally eat dinner with your family whilst listening to your favorite music tracks, with this awesome wireless speaker that sticks to your fridge thanks to its magnetic back.

This wireless speaker is made by Invoxia, which is specially designed to accompany you while you are cooking food or eating dinner. It has Bluetooth support to connect with your cell phone and also comes with Wifi having Spotify Connect support. So you can make cooking and eating time more exciting while your phone is charging and is far from your reach.

Triby portable speaker is designed to be mounted on a fridge's door but it also houses a big and helpful handle at its top allowing the speaker to be picked up and be used anywhere in the house. 

It comes with 35mm transductors and also for amplifying bass sounds, comes with a passive radiator and aboards Invoxia's In Vivo Acoustic technology for sound processing. While its a great music player, its not just that, you can also make phone calls on your phone with the help of its speakers and four digital mics. Triby houses a a 2.9 inch e-paper display, an FM tuner, a battery that requires a recharge after a whole month of usage and to protect it from damage when it falls, the Triby is covered with rubber.

Price: 199$ or Rs:20973 

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