19 November, 2015

Do you watch TV prior bed time ? you may require Drift Saffron to get night sleep.


According to a research our melatonin production is distorted due to the emission of blue light from an electronic display, messing up our night's sleep that is that you spent some prior hours in front of your computer or TV set. If you just have to stare your electronic device's display prior going to sleep, Drift Saffron could be a good thing to use.    
Drift Saffron is a box that is black in color and it functions as a middleman b/w your monitor or TV and your AudioVideo source, it gradually rids the blue spectrum light emitting from the screen, which gets rid of the bad effects that messes up our melotonin. In such way, you can fit in some episodes of any show you prefer prior to sleep without it messing up with your good night's sleep.
Instead of doing it from the start to the end, this gadget rids the blue spectrum light 1 hour from your designated sleeping time which can easily be adjusted from the on screen displayed menu. Slowly in an hour it rids the blue light, which won't massively affect your watching experience. You can also adjust the amount of blue light you want removed. While you can connect directly to an AudioVideo source, this gadget can function with an HDMI switch too, which means it won't create any trouble even if you constantly alter between multiple sources. 4k resolutions are supported by Drift Saffron and it is future proof just like the other latest AudioVideo gears you got, being capable to function with a universal remote, allowing you to alter settings from the comfort of your comfortable default position.
December: its when this gadget is scheduled to ship and you can pre order it now.
Price: $99.


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