18 October, 2014

Facebook for increasing Search Rankings

When you search for a brand online you must've witnessed that the top search results consist of social media sites especially Facebook pages.
In the recent times Social Media is greatly affecting businesses by showing the brand pages in top search results. Due to this its very important to optimize your brand's page.

Facebook page name as your business name

At the time of building a website for your business was your brand name the same as your domain name? Its the same question with your Facebook Page. Since, it won't be of any sense to advertise your brand and make it a difficult  for your viewers/locators to locate you.

By creating a Facebook page that matches your brand name, firstly you are creating more chances of being discovered on search engines and Facebook secondly you're telling your customers what your product is all about. An example: Someone views Jet computer accessories, then it would be quite safe to consider that they provide computer accessories.

Also you need to make sure that you pick the proper category for your Page. Doing this will make sure that you are viewed in relevant search results.

Facebook Profile.

Having a complete profile is very important but still lack among many people.. Your customers want information regarding your business, such as your business' whereabouts, your product line up, or what products you offer. A complete profile helps your customers to know your best qualities of your brand and helps your customers find you outside and not just on Facebook.

The About Section of your Facebook Profile is the most important part that helps your customers to know the best about you and attracts most of the visitors and plays a vital and key role in search results. As researched by Greg Marlin who comes from Marketing.ai, found out that majority of searches directed from About Page of Facebook which was nearly 20% less from 100% in all situations. The rest of the searches mainly came from Company's Overview and Locations which accounted 95% of all cases.


You must've heard that Content is King, well, it is, especially, when it comes to social media. Content plays the best role when it comes down to your marketing efforts. Searchmetrics found out that to rank higher in search engines, alot of likes, shares +ones or tweets are needed.
How do you get those likes
To gain those likes you have to engage with your audience by frequently posting and sharing top quality content on Facebook. 

Improving  Engagement

The better your engagement with your audience the better for you. You can improve your engagement with your audience by posting content that your audience will find informative useful as well as interesting. Other ways to improve engagement would be by asking a question, asking to caption a picture or anything that will engage you with your audience will help in getting in search results/ search rankings.

Facebook Apps.

As pointed out by Social Media Examiner, through Facebook Apps you can allow your customers to be informed, give them customer support, promote events and reward them. Anything thing you do that engages your Facebook audience can improve your search rankings.
As Chelsea Adam mentions that, Google often index and include links to your apps in search results which gives more opportunity to drive and direct traffic." This happens because apps allows visitors to deeper levels of your Facebook page and gather up more space on SERP while helping you have more links than your competition.


Social Media nowadays is no doubt a great way to improve your search rankings. Facebook demands attention if you're willing to get among top search results and is a great tool which helps you engage with your audience in a fun way while improving your search rankings.

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