07 July, 2014

UltraDefrag: An Open Source Disk Defragmentation tool for Windows

Ultra Defrag 400x265 UltraDefrag: Open Source Disk Defragmentation tool for Windows

A powerful open source disk defragmentation software that allows you to analyze and do defragmentation on your pc. UltraDefrag also allows you to optimize your harddisk to make it perform better. 
Fat, exFAT and NTFS filesystems are supported which are quite common filesystems.

How to:

Before the defragmentation process begins, you have to first analyze your harddisk by pressing the analyze button from the toolbar. This analysis shows you distribution of data on your harddisk. Like the number of files, folders and it will also display the value of fragmented and compressed files.
Once the analysis is completed you can start the defragmentation process, keeping a note that it may take few minutes to complete if there are a lot of fragmented files it can also take more time. Hopefully, after the defragmentation is completed, you may feel a slight better performance than before.

Another feature thats built in is the optimization feature, in the quick optimization feature the program will act solely upon fragmented areas while in full optimization the program will work upon all the files on your hard disk.

All the filedetails are saved as metadata in Master File Table known is MFT  in NTFS file system.

UltraDefrag lets you optimize this MFT for the best performance of the hard disk.

The interface is user-friendly and doesn't require any configurations making it easy to use even for non-technical users.

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