01 April, 2014

Searching For jobs on Social Media Websites

Over the past few years Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ are connecting millions of people together in the best possible way. 
Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great places to have fun, but there are also career opportunities. flying around. Searching through #hashtags and pages could lead you to your next job and help you in persuing your desired career/job.

Searching for jobs on twitter through hashtags. Keeping updated with a company's career openings,Like them on Facebook. Create an appealing resume, head over to pinterest.

Here's how:

1. Twitter


Twitter is a great source for finding jobs.
  • Searches: Provides you with a bunch of jobs. Search for words like "jobs," "hiring" and other specifics that apply to your desired field and location; for example, "writer" and "your city."
  • Hashtags: Will provide you with a plethora of tweets from companies and people seeking employees.Typing in #jobs and #hiring for example will give several tweets to interact with. For best result employers tweet out job applications with accompanying hashtags.
  • Tweet often: Tweeting is great way to find your next career in addition to that you will find professional like minded people which will be great for your career improvement. Make sure to follow businesses and professional peoples that get your interest and send them an occasional tweet and keep your twitter account polished and professional.
  • Follow : Twitter has many accounts that are dedicated and open for posting of job applications Quite easily go to the search bar and type in "jobs," then click "People" on the left-hand side. You'll see several twitter accounts consisting of jobs username, head over and press the beautiful follow button.

2. Facebook


Facebook is the place where faces are in millions and job oppurtunities in millions too.
  • "Like" some pages: Most companies are in a lookout for spreading their social media presence and expand their business allowing poeple to search for them through pages and allowing them to engage with them. Like. and you will be updated with their activities and daily updates about their hideouts and jobs that they have available for a talent like you., their mission is to find the next employee so they will post links to job applications and maybe post some funny images and videos. yep. 
  • Private/Public: Make your timeline seem well updated and professional by updating your privacy settings by publicly viewing your education and professional history. 
  • Stay updated: Make sure all of your work and education info is up to date and reflects your current position and past experience.
  • Add "Professional Skills:" A few months ago, Facebook added a "Professional Skills"portion to the "About" section Underneath work and education, add skills you've acquired, optimizing your professional appeal. 

3. LinkedIn


Undoubtedly, linked in is the official site for job finding.
  • Connect: Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is offically for people looking for networking oppurtunities. Get to know and connect with people already in search of your interests, career. For inspiration, check out the member stories portion of LinkedIn's blog, where users share their success anecdotes about networking through the site. 
  • Jobs Board: Other then providing professional advice and connections, LinkedIn also has jobs board highlighting available job oppurtunities in every field. 
  • Detail:  Your profile is  more likely to be viewed by a hiring manager if you have a detailed list of work experience as said by William "The more robust your profile the more hire able you look in the field".

4. Tumblr


Tumblr's vast internet GIFs section will help you in your job search.
  • Search tags: There are plenty of cool companies advertising jobs openly on tumblr. Search for tagged terms like "Hiring" or "Jobs". 
  • Start Posting:  A tumblr account attuned of your likings and interests and updated with original content gives a unique appeal to employers which leads to a good following and a good profile for an employer to stumble upon.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest can be used more than getting inspiration and stuff.
  • Pin your resume: Pinterest adds a sort of highlighting to your career proflie. Pin your resume in pinterest board and add other interest and experience, add photos and link. Check out Rachel G King, a social media manager at Sidecar who created a "living reume."

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