03 April, 2014

Curate or Organize your Facebook News Feed

Sometime you like a page because you like its name and aren't interested in what it has to offer. Sometimes you need more of a particular page's update showing on your feed or sometimes a friend with same condition. And that where you requrire "Facebook feed curation".Mark Zukerberg in a press meeting said."What we are trying is to give everyone a copy of the best personalized newspaper in the world". Though Facebook could need your help.
Here's how to curate your News feed.

Stop Seeing Posts From a Facebook Friend..

If you want to stop showing someone's posts you can just unfriend them but most people don't have the heart to press the unfriend button and eliminate someone from their Facebook life.Thats where you can choose to "unfollow" a friend, essentially muting without letting him know that. He will remain your Facebook friend and if you want you can add back his updates anytime in your news feed without him realizing anything change.
To unfollow, simply go to his profile and click on the "Following" button (it will change to "Follow"). This is also how you can bring a user's posts back to your feed if you have a change of heart

It's either all (follow) or nothing (unfollow).Facebook previously used the term "Hide All" for this feature, ut switched to Follow/Unfollow in December because people were more familiar with the terminology. (It's also used on other sites, like Twitter and Pinterest.) Since making the language switch, there have been three times as many people unfollowed.
The "Unfollow" feature will be available on mobile for the next Facebook app update.

See More Posts From a Facebook Friend..

Some people just share thought provoking posts, or someone close to you, you need to see more from them on your Facebook feed.

One way to achieve it is to interact with their posts more, i.e., "Like" or comment on their posts more often. Facebook tracks you like their posts and shows you more of their posting on your Facebook Feed.

To get notifications of your friend's post that you want to updated with as it is posted. Go to that friend's or brand's profile page, and click on the "Friends" button on the right of her profile picture. Select "Get Notifications." And it will certainly appear in your Facebook Feed.

A Custom feed can be set to show you more of what or whom you care about more.

When you log in to Facebook, look for the "Friends" section along the left-hand rail and click. Here you will see a collection of unique News Feeds, including groups Facebook has already created for you based on your prior work or school affiliations.

Facebook automatically creates a list of potential News Feeds for you based on job or group affiliations. You should have your own personal News Feeds available, and if you don't, it's very easy to create one.
After clicking "Friends" from the login page, click on the "Create List" button right below the search bar. Here you can name your personalized list, and add as many Facebook friends to it as you may like, Once list is created, you can freely visit these Feeds to see updates from those individuals only.

Adds on Facebook.

There is no possibility for complete removal of adds on Facebook. You can, however, give your feedback to Facebook to let it know which ads you like.

To remove an ad you dislike, click the arrow in the upper right hand corner. Click"I don't want to see this." That notifies Facebook to not show that particular ad on your feed. A feedback would be asked to put, you can answer that by answering the questions that follow.
If you do like an ad, actually "Like" the ad. This will encourage Facebook to give you similar ads, or ads from the same advertiser.

If you do like an ad, actually "Like" the ad. This will encourage Facebook to give you similar ads, or ads from the same advertiser.

Take Facebook's Survey..

On any post that comes across your News Feed, you can click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner and select "Take a survey to improve News Feed." The survey is 10 questions long, and shouldn't take more than a minute.

You can take Facebook's News Feed survey from any post.

Users will be shown 10 posts; they'll select from a spectrum how closely they "Strongly Disagree" with a post, or "Strongly Agree" with it. The survey is slightly confusing. You may strongly disagree with the content but enjoy the person who posted it. The survey does not allow users to specify which aspects of the post they like or dislike, but Marra says the survey does help, particularly when it comes to things people enjoy but choose not to "Like" or comment on for one reason or another.

"There are some things that you like seeing in your News Feed because you wanted to know that thing, but you don't want to 'Like' it because maybe it's something sad that happened,"This [survey] is a way for us to know, sort of beyond those signals, what people appreciate seeing, versus what they feel like is a bummer that they don't really want to see."as said by a facebook analyst.

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