26 March, 2014

Windows 8.1

Here are a few tips that will teach you how to utilise the touch friendly user interface of windows 8.1.

Explore your files with SkyDrive or OneDrive


Windows 8's SkyDrive app isn't just for exploring your cloud storage. Tap on the SkyDrive link in the upper left corner and a drop down menu appears that lets you explore the local files on your PC.
By default, SkyDrive displays the current user's files (Desktop, Documents, Music, etc.), but you can also explore your entire drive by tapping on Local Disk (C:).

Three apps snap.

The Windows 8 user interface gives you way to view full screen apps, there's no window mode to switch between apps but the snap feature, which allows you to snap three apps on the screen.
Keep in mind that you can run apps in background and you can switch which app to snap on the screen and which app to run in the background at anytime.

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