11 November, 2012

Google Jam, Garage band experience In your Browser

Google Jam, garage band experience on your Browser

Google Jam, drumsHow in this world does Google know what i want! *staring a bee who is staring back* i know its you Google.. Well, whether or not, the thing is that since the release of the garage band from apple, which basically gives you the full time experience of personal garage band without any hassle of your neighbor  complains, I've been wishing to give it a hands on, but since i have no apple's device so i backed off, until recently i found out that Google has introduced in its Lab Experiments, Google JAM, which gives A full time garage band experience i.e., all the cool instruments for you to play with right in your Browser And you can also team up with friends and blow your drums out!(whatever that meant).

Here, give it a try at : Jam with Chrome

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