04 November, 2012

14 tips that will make you a Smart Android User

 tips that will make you a Smart Android User

Android Smartphones are the hottest talk around, nearly every one has a hold of it but many of us are still unaware of its 'Smartness'. Below i present to you some simple tips that will help you become a Smart Android user in no time.

  • Show Bookmarks and History 
If you are in the browser, the time pressure on the back key opens the list view for favorites, frequently visited sites and history.
  • Call Reject / mute
A call comes in inappropriate conduct with a finger swipe to the left of the red handset icon next to the mailbox. Even with the moment you switch or the volume button you get the annoying ringing to silence. Samsung and HTC elegantly solve the problem: Simply turn the device and the meeting feature turns the phone silent
  • Date View
Most Android smartphones show right above the current time, but where do you find the date? Suffice pulling down the status bar: day, month and year are then in the upper left corner.
  • Website Share on Facebook
Touch a Web address for two seconds, opens a context menu: Via pass linkyou will get a list of possible options, including Facebook, Google+ & Co. For example, select the "face book", opens Android the corresponding website. Here you can comment on the link and send it to your friends (on the left).
  • Reject unwanted callers
Annoying caller put on the blacklist - how it works: If not already done, enter the person in your address book, and then edit the entry. Press on the name, then click the menu button and then on Options . "A check mark next to receive incoming calls directly to Voice Mail "brings peace and quiet
  • Search Website
To search for a word on a web page, select successively menu button,more and find on page . There is a search box opens (left), in which you type in the search word.
  • Write sentences faster
Does not work on any Android device, but many (for example, HTC, Google Nexus): sentences end quickly by double-clicking the space bar. The function places a dot followed by a space to the end of a sentence.
  • Self-portrait
Taking photos of yourself is with the mobile phone is a tricky endeavor. Therefore Android phones without front camera have a self-portrait mode. By facial identification, the camera to focus on your face, is triggered by timer.
  • Direct access to contact options
Click in the address instead of the name on the picture of  a person, you get a menu appears that allows you to directly select whether to call the person, send her an e-mail or text message or with her via Facebook & Co. Contact wish to enter.
  • Open link in new window
Your fingers linger longer on a web address, open a context menu. Here you have the option to open the link in a new window, set it as a bookmark to send the link or copy the URL to paste into an e-mail.
  • Create new folder
Begins the chaos of apps on hand to increase the screens of smartphones, it is recommended to bring back structure with folders. Just press and hold a blank space on the home screen and choose "Folder".
  • Create shortcuts
Back to an open space on the home screen with a finger sustained pressure to the body, opens a menu that allows you to launch an application, among other things, change the background or create shortcuts. The latter is an easy way to store some frequently-visited websites in the app look as Quick Start button.
  • Voice input mode
Long press the search button (magnifying glass icon) opens the voice command. So that you can dictate to your phone after a few practice rounds, what it should do: start a call, a route, write an e-mail or text
  • Show recently used apps
To accelerate the transition from one app to another, it is enough to press the Home button for about two seconds. The display shows a list of six or eight apps (depending on phone and screen size) that you have opened recently. For some phone models, the button also comes to light, leading to the Task Manager.

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