24 November, 2012

10 Awesome tips, tweaks and tools for Windows 8

10 Awsome tips and tweaks and tools for Windows 8
These are the 10 Awesome tips, tools and tweaks for Windows 8.

1. [Windows] + [X] menu and start menu replacement

[Windows] + [X] menu and start menu replacement

The desktop in Windows 8 comes with no 
start menu - but with a new context menu. You can reach it either by right-clicking in the lower left corner of the screen or by pressing [Windows] + [X]. This menu can shows frequent targets such as "Programs and Features", "system", the Windows Explorer or the Control Panel.




2. Create multiple screenshots

Previously, you could only save a screen shot to the clipboard with the [PRINT] key, but on Windows 8, press the combination [Windows] + [PRINT] each time, an image of the screen is saved into the directory: "C: \ Users \ [your username] \ Pictures \ Screenshots".





3.Uninstall a program by Tile

Uninstall a program by TileYou can not only access the desktop programs from the Home screen, but also uninstall. Right click the tile and click "Uninstall" to remove, it'll save your time so you won't have to manually open "Programs and Features" to remove a program.



4.Tile-name groups

You created many tiles on the home screen, you should perhaps group. First align the apps you want to group. Then at the lower right corner of the screen you'll notice a small minus sign, click it, you'll zoom away, now right click the app and you'll see a grey box formed around it. After that simply click "name group" on the lower left corner and name it.




 5.Disable lock screen

Disable lock screenTo disable the lock screen, Just press the key combination [Windows] + [R] and enter the command "gpedit.msc". Then navigate to "Computer Configuration", "Administrative Templates", "Control Panel" and "Personalization" and double click "Do not show lock screen" . In the window that appears, click "Enabled" and click "OK".



 6.Boot directly to your desktop

One of the biggest annoyances in Windows 8: The direct start to the desktop is not possible, instead you need to go every time to go through the Start screen. This free tool NoTilesPlease takes the additional step for you and displays the desktop after login .
Download: NoTilesPlease



7. Bring back Start Menu of Windows 7 

Run Metro apps from the desktopThe missing Start menu in Windows 8 annoys many users.To return the start orb of windows 7 there's a freeware ViStart.
Download: ViStart




8.Run Metro apps from the desktop

Desktop applications can easily be started with the Start screen - to access it on the desktop you'd need an additional software MetroApp link. ITputs shortcuts to any Metro app on the desktop. Download freeware: Link MetroApp

9. Desktop items pinning to the Start screen

Desktop items pinning to the Start screenThe opposite approach pursues the Start Screen Pinner . You can select and file or folder to pin it on your homescreen.

10. Metro-screen display on second monitor

Metro-screen display on second monitorUse Windows 8 with two monitors, the Metro-screen is by default always displayed on the primary screen. This change is set by clicking on the second screen in the lower left corner and click on the Start screen preview.

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