27 October, 2012

Where to find High Quality Content for your Blog ?

Setting up a blog is the first step. The next most important step you need is to put High Quality content in it, that's what readers want And thats what you want. Get it?
Now, finding High Quality content for your site can be stressful When you don't know the source of it. That' where Prismatic comes in. Prismatic is a free webservice which provides quality content based on your interest.
One the homepage after logging-in, you are presented with the topics you are interested in based on your twitter followings, facebook likes and Google reader feeds. Prismatic will then provide the best possible sources for your interest. Select your interests and you're good to go.
High Quality Content for blog with Prismatic
Quite simple right ? After you go through the process of interest selection, you are presented with a feed that has tons of High quality content based on your interest in it. Your Prismatic homepage feed will reflect a mixture of all of your interests. 
Its a great tool for starters as it will save some time finding quality content for their blog and makes you spend more time providing quality content to your readers.

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