26 October, 2012

Top 10 Reasons why you should Blog

The Top 10 Reasons why starting a blog is a good thing

The Blogosphere is exploding with new bloggers entering the Blogging arena everyday. Why ? Because Everyone has found a reason to blog which is, by Expressing their thoughts or Marketing their product and so on.From a vast selection of reasons i present to you the Top 10 Reasons why you should start blogging.

 1. Market and Promote your product

Blogging is a great source for promoting and marketing your product. It ensures the reach of your product to a wider audience with little to no effort

2. Express your Views and Thoughts

Have something that needs a voice? Your Blog will become your voice.Express yourself!

3. To Establish Yourself as an Expert

Expertise is the first demand of any topic and blogging is a great way to establish yourselves as experts in a field or topic.

4. Provide Help

If you have a mastery on something or know the solutions to specific problems then its a great reason for you to blog and provide help. For example you can blog on parenting or health related issues or just computer problems, its on you. 

5. Meet like-minded People

Blogging is great way to meet people having like-minds. Blogging can help you find those people and share your views and thoughts.

6. Bring a Difference

If you see something that is not correct and should've not been at the first place or want to sway people's thinking in a certain direction then blogging will help you with this. Politics and social issues blogs are few who are trying to make a difference in their own ways.

7. To Stay Active or Knowledgeable in a Field or Topic

A stable Blog is partially dependent on the frequency of your posts updates which, is dependent on your updated knowledge. Its a great way to help a blogger stay updated in a specific field or topic..

8. Share and start connected with Friends and Family

Blog lets you stay connected to the world by sharing photos, videos, stories.

9. Making Money

Making Money with blogging requires hard work and a serious amount of commitment to your blog. There are many Bloggers who have been unsuccessful but then their are many who are earning a fortune. After you get the flow of your blog you can make money by monetizing your blog with adds.

10. To Have Fun and Be Creative

Blogging is a great way to have fun and show your creativity on a topic your passionate about. Be sure that passion for your topic is demanded for a successful blog. It helps in making your blog readable. A Blog on your interest like cars or cooking or maybe show how a fan you are of your favorite actor, its on you.

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