27 October, 2012

The Best Adsense Plugins for Wordpress

Best google Adsense Plugins for Wordpress

As good as Adsense is in generating revenue from your site or blog, its just as good a traffic decreaser i.e., If you don't know how to make the adds 'be' on your blog without making them a distraction for its readers. That's where WordPress's Plugins for Adsense will help you.

Listed below are the best plugins that will make Adsense fully customizable, so you can make the most of Adsense.

  • Adsense Inline
Adds Adsense code directly into items.

  • Adsense Injection
It allows you to add Adsense code randomly, It can be on the home page, archives, and categories.
  • Shylock Adsense WordPress plugin
It adds the code on your blog without touching the theme. You can configure it to display the Ads according to the date of the publication of the article.
  • Adsense Deluxe
Offers advanced options for managing the automatic insertion codes Adsense Google or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). It also allows you to easily change the colors for a good integration with the theme of the blog.
  • Adsense Beautifier
Make your best Adsense by placing images next to increase the number of clicks (CTR).
  • AdSense Widget for WordPress Sidebar
A Google Adsense Widget for WordPress Sidebar again.
  • AdRotator WordPress Plugin
With this plugin you can rotate banners of different formats, and it also allows you to test 
different Adsense program 
  • Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin
View the details of your income on Adsens WordPress dashboard.
  • AdSense Manager
This plugin allows you to manage the Adsense ads on your WordPress blog. It generates code automatically and allows you to place with Widgets.
  • AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System
It allows you to see your Adsense income and share your opinions with friends and / or the other authors of the blog.
  • Author Adsense WordPress Plugin
Blog authors can publish their Adsense ID and display advertisements on their account directly publish articles.
  • Author Adsense MU Plugin
Webmasters of WordPress MU can generate income from blogs that are hosted on the platform.
  • Google Ad Wrap
This plugin allows you to target the Ads using sections of articles and comments too.
  • WhyDoWork Adsense :
WhyDoWork Adsense is a WordPress plugin that allows you to insert Adsense ads on your blog without modifying the template. More then that, you can set it up to show different Adsense ads for articles older then X days (x is the number of days you decide).

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