09 October, 2012

How to Increase Internet speed with Registry Hacks

 Various Internet increasing methods can be found on the internet but how many of them actually work? less than 2%. After testing numerous methods i have finally came across one of the few methods that actually work. What i am talking about is Registry tweaking. It has worked for numerous members and hopefully you'll be counted one of them:).

Here you go,

First off, Download the patch ,
Second off, Extract the files and execute the file inside it. You'll see something like this.

In the cmd prompt you'll be given the following choices:

Type "y" to Optimize Vista TCP/IP settings:
 This option will automatically optimize your registry which will work out best for you.

Typing "q" to disable the QoS reserved bandwidth:
Windows XP, nework adapters have a "QoS Packet Scheduler" enabled by default, which reserves 20% of bandwidth by default for QoS applications that request priority traffic.

Type "d" to revert to Vista default values:
Just incase you want the default values back.


Note: This is the, you can say, automatic optimization method. If you are the technical type and want to manually tinker your registry then follow this link.

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