17 October, 2012

How to Save Hard Disk space by using Google Drive

Its great for Backup

Google drive has the potential to save your hard disk space by becoming a hard disk itself! No, longer should you be worried about those remainants  of your ancestors that you just can't delete That's taking up your Hard disk space Or if you prefer to Not have a bulky external drive traveling with you everywhere you go, it'll be a great option to select Google Virtual Drive.
It provides up to 5 gigs of free space for a single Gmail account. Another benefit is that you can open your virtual drive in anyone's computer that has an internet(find that too obvious to mention? but then, ALL people are reading this :-)) Anyways.. The setting up time is literally 3 steps long and..
Here's how to save disk space by using GoogleDrive.

1. First of all you have to Install Google Drive.
2. After Installing Google Drive. You'll see a folder name  "Google Drive" on your desktop(its also in C:/users/*username*/Google Drive) and a Google drive icon in your taskbar,

3. Now just move whatever content you want in your Virtual Drive In Google Drive folder. You can see when the Syncing process completes by right clicking the Google Drive.

4. Once the sync is complete login to your google account or you'll see an option to visit google drive on web when you right click the Google drive taskbar icon. Check if your file is there and that's it!

Now you can delete the file from your Google drive folder that you copied.

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