14 October, 2012

How to know if its safe to click "Click here"!

Every now and then in your internet browsing you click several links, some which are safe and some which are unsafe. Unsafe links are basically links that appear to be shortened and linked to something that can probably hack into your computer and create a mess.
Funnyvideos or any news or stories that attract visitors to click the link are common disguise of unsafe links. Luckily there are online services that can scan the link and tell you if its safe to pen the link or not.

All of these solutions are free, fast, and don’t require you to download anything.

Link Scanners

Link scanners scans suspicious links that you enter and checks If its safe to open it. There are many free and reliable scanners available. I have personally used URLVoid which is quite good it checks from many sources . It scans the link using multiple services, such as Google, MyWOT and Norton SafeWeb, are shows reports quikly.

URLVoid scans several security databases for information on sketchy Web domain names.

Scanning Shortened Links

URLVoid can’t properly handle shortened URLs from services such as bitly, Ow.ly, and TinyURL (URLVoid will scan the shortening service website instead of the link to which it points). Alternative to  URLVoid is Sucuri. Use it to scan mysterious shortened links that you'll probably find on Twitter, Facebook etc. Sucuri automatically expands the shortlink and draws upon a handful of services, such as Google, Norton SafeWeb, and PhishTank, to determine if the real link is safe.Sucuri can also be used for scanning nonshortened links.

How to know if its safe to click "Click here"!

Sucuri can help you determine whether shortened links are safe or not.

Copy link safely.

Services like URLVoid and Sucuri require you to type in or paste a suspicious link. Rather than selecting the link holding the left click, Its better to just right-click the link to bring up a context menu, then click Copy shortcut (in Internet Explorer), Copy Link Location (in Firefox), or Copy Link Address (in Chrome). The URL is now copied to your clipboard and you can paste it into any search field.

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