07 October, 2012

How to get back Windows 7 Explorer in Windows 8

If you don't like the new Windows 8 Metro then you have an option, revert to the old Windows 7 start menu Yes, its possible. Hackers have found a way to execute the ‘explorer.exe’ from Windows 7 on Windows 8. The file is responsible for Windows search,  file type associations and for displaying the desktop icons, the start menu, the taskbar, and the control panel.
When you would normally copy ‘explorer.exe’ from Windows 7 to Windows 8 the file doesn’t execute as it appears to know it’s no longer on a Windows 7 system. Thats where this patch comes in to the rescue.

The patch requires some windows 7 files, so keep a Windows 7 installation disk or any other source of Windows 7 installation during the installation of the patch.
Download the patch from the link below then just follow the on screen instructions and in no time you'll get your lovely' Windows 7 bar back.

Download Patch from Here.


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